Our nursery is a beautiful and relaxed place for babies and young children to play and receive care. We provide nursery care for children aged six weeks up until they are confidently walking. Babies love sleeping in our dedicated cot room, set apart from the cheerful noise of bigger childrens’ play… but they also love observing those older children when they’re ready to be busy! We warmly invite mothers to our quiet spaces to breastfeed or bottle feed and enjoy their little one. Special dietary needs are catered for and our open-door policy means phone ‘check-ins’ and visits are always welcome. We encourage outdoor play throughout the day and are always able to adapt our daily routine to suit your child’s needs. We understand that every baby has a unique and ever changing routine as they grow and develop, so our educators are always communicating with families to ensure we are best supporting your child. Naturally, all our nurseries are equipped with an endless variety of modern and classic toys. In addition, our ever-increasing range of state-of-the-art resources encourage the holistic development of babies and young children.



The move from nursery to toddler room is an exciting time for everyone. Our toddler room caters for children who are confidently walking up until around the age of two. Imagination is boundless at this age – and to keep up, we provide a never-ending (and ever-changing) variety of activities, including art, imaginary play, outdoor adventure, singing, dancing and more. We are happy to assist with toilet training and place a gentle focus on early learning. In the toddler room a dynamic new developmental phase begins. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child progresses (and your walls become plastered with mini-masterpieces)! Around this time, we see a lively and fast-paced expansion in vocabulary as your child explores their burgeoning independence and confidently develops the ability to verbalise their own unique thoughts, needs and likes.


Pre Kinder

As our toddlers transition up to our pre kinder room, they continue to use hands on exploration and social interaction to learn about their expanding world. Our pre kinder room caters for children between the ages of two and three. Children become more and more independent and are consistently encouraged by our educators to practice independence skills (with help when needed of course)! Self-feeding, dressing, hygiene and toileting are all self-help skills that we practice every day in our pre kinder room. Communication is a big focus for us in pre kinder as children learn to express themselves and converse with their peers. Our curriculum for our pre kinder children is designed to adapt to each child’s individual age and stage.


Junior Kinder

Our three-year-old syllabus provides an opportunity for your child to engage in a fun and social education program, in a play space designed to enhance learning and overall development. We have two rooms dedicated to our three to four years olds, as well as an engaging yard where our junior kinder children are encouraged to climb, build, ride, balance and investigate. Activities are limited only by your child’s imagination. Choices include block building, painting, drawing, play-doh, clay molding and texture play, just to name a few. Creativity is stimulated by puppetry, dramatic play, dress-ups and more! To encourage improvement of both fine and gross motor skills, we provide puzzles, water play and movement, along with singing, dancing and games. Reading and storytelling facilitate predictable calm times throughout each day, and there are a range of centre-based activity days and field trip style excursions to look forward to throughout the year.


4 Year Old Kindergarten Program

Our four-year-old kindergarten program has been carefully fashioned to prepare our young people for school. Qualified kinder teachers focus on a wide variety of age-appropriate issues, including helping children understand and cope with their big emotions, equipping children with the confidence to initiate and navigate friendships, and nurturing self-confidence and community awareness. We know that social and emotional readiness is vital to a successful and smooth transition into school, as it frees up our children to be effective learners. Literacy and numeracy are introduced naturally through play and everyday experiences, and all activities are thoughtfully designed to be flexible and are focused on the learning experience, rather than the academic outcome. Throughout the year our kinder children will be a part of field trip style excursions and will participate in many incursions throughout the year, aimed at expanding their knowledge in areas they are interested in. Our kinder children can enjoy their own outdoor yard where they can investigate and explore their environment, taking part in climbing, building, creating, digging, riding and balancing. Throughout the year our kinder teacher and educators incorporate your child’s interests in to our program, helping create a fun, comfortable and exciting space for your child to learn, grow and develop.