Our Curriculum is based on The Early Years Learning Framework which aims to develop a love of learning for the children in our care.

During the early years, children develop a sense of self; the framework’s fundamental view draws on children’s lives as being characterised by belonging, being and becoming and ensures Woodlea Early Education is linked to our families, culture and language to ensure each child is uniquely cared for.
Benefits of play include:

  • Children are able to display characteristics such as curiosity and creativity
  • Children make connections between old and new experiences
  • Children develop relationships and concepts
  • Play stimulates a sense of well-being
  • Children are able to express their personality and uniqueness


Our Activities, curriculum and facilities are designed to make children feel comfortable in their learning environment. Woodlea Early Education Centre aims to create a home-like feel with natural furnishings, colours and resources. Photos of children with their loved ones are also prominent in each room; the aim is to create an extension of each child’s home life.


Our evolving curriculum recognises the significance of the here and now in children’s lives. Programs are designed around the children’s current interests and allows them to actively engage and develop relationships with others, achieve challenges and learn something new every day.


During the first five years, children experience rapid growth and change. Throughout their time at our centre, children feel a sense of becoming as we prepare them for the next age group or to move on to school. Our programs have a strong emphasis on creating and developing skills for life to ensure children are comfortable to engage in society.